The first alternative firmware,

designed for controllers with built-in display and DJI monitors


Benefits and opportunities

circle OS is actively developed by the development team. Bugs are fixed and new functions are added. We release updates to our product more often than official software.


"Litchi on GL300K? Yes, yes, it is possible. And not only Litchi. And not only GL300K :)"

circleOS designed to work with third-party applications and flight planners.  Support for popular applications (for example, UgCS and Drone Deploy) allows you to expand the scope of the UAV when using equipment with a screen

circleOS  It has a lot of features on board and here are some of them:

  • Google Play

  • FCC, Boost, 5.8G on any app

  • Own directory with flight applications for quick installation

  • circle OS Manager to configure various system functions

  • RTMP server for video output to other devices

  • Connecting a controller in secondary mode

  • Support for LTE modems and USB-Ethernet

  • Support for UVC devices

  • Data slots for flight applications


All this will allow you to work more conveniently and more productively.


circle OS is installed on the device programmatically even on a non-bootable device,  and also has the function of rolling back to the factory software.

If your device is under warranty, you won't lose it, since working with circle OS does not require intervention in the hardware of the UAV or controller. In addition, installing circle OS does not affect the firmware of your controller, drone and does not require opening the case.



Setting up circle OS

8 000 ₽

  • Perpetual license for 1 device

  • Remote deployment

  • Preinstallation of flight applications

  • Free updates and support

  • Support for FCC tweaks, 5.8GHz

CircleOS Installer 2


  • Providing access to the CircleOS Installer 2* utility

  • Full support for the entire model range

  • Unlimited deployments

  • Free updates and support

* granting access to the utility is carried out only for service centers

Software recovery

6000 ₽

  • Device Boot Recovery

  • Without opening, soldering memory

Branding and personalization


  • Creation  OS assembly with the necessary pre-installed software and your logo for the needs of organizations



Circle OS users  there are ordinary pilots,  professional videographers, amateurs, surveyors, rescuers, as well as companies and state. structures

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